Directions to the Hotel Antiguo Vapor
by way of the streets Calle Alonso or Lascurain de Retana.

From Mexico City or Guadalajara by way of the SILAO-GUANAJUATO toll highway.

About 200 meters after the toll entering the city, you'll come to the Santa Fe traffic circle. Go three quarters of the way around the circle and exit with traffic, following signs to Guanajuato Centro. After two speed bumps you'll come to the Marfil/Guanajuato fork. Stay in one of the two right lanes heading into Guanajuato.
You're now headed downtown. You'll pass through two tunnels and soon after the second tunnel, you'll come to another fork. Stay in one of the two left lanes heading into "Guanajuato Centro." You'll pass through a park area, an open plaza with stone frogs, and finally a traffic circle. Stay straight through the traffic circle.
The road passes under a bridge, then veers right, and then enters Guanajuato's underground tunnel system (" La Subterránea "). You'll follow the winding tunnel road past a big bus stop, and then a parking garage.
Soon after the parking lot, the road will veer sharply left, and there will be an exit to your right. Stay left on the main road.

There are two ways to get to the hotel from this point.

1) By way of the street Calle Alonso, which is the first exit forking right (at about 600 meters or so). You will see the sign "sólo vehículos ligeros" (light vehicles only). Take this right, and you will immediately come to a second fork, at which you'll stay left ("Calle Alonso"). At the end of Calle Alonso, you'll come to an intersection where you will want to head diagonally (45º) to the right (diagonally across the street). Wait until traffic passes to make this crossing, as you will be going slightly against traffic. You will see a Bancomer bank on the right corner as you cross the intersection. You are now on a short street called Juan Valle. Take your first left, onto the street Positos (do not enter the tunnel straight ahead). You'll pass the Diego Rivera House Museum , and at about 100 meters you'll make a sharp left (doubling back) onto the street Calle Galarza, where you'll see the hotel garage.

2) The second possible route is to continue along the tunnel road (Subterránea) until it emerges and comes to an open plaza, at which point you'll take the first right, before the island which divides the street. Follow this road as it zig-zags through downtown. When the road forks (after the big church), take the right, which will take you past the University of Guanajuato . Continue straight along this road. At about 100 meters past the first intersection, you will make a sharp left (doubling back) onto the street Calle Galarza, where you'll see the hotel garage.

Hotel Address: Calle Galarza #5. Tel: 01 (473) 732- 3211,
in case you need to call. We'll be waiting for you!

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